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Woman arrested for confiscating husband’s guns and turning them in to police

LAKELAND, FL — A 32-year-old woman was arrested on June 15 when she gathered her husband’s guns to turn them over to the Lakeland Police Department.According to Courtney Irby’s arrest affidavit, she...

Illinois State Senator Tells Gun Owner: Maybe The State Will Just Confiscate Your Guns

An Illinois state senator told a constituent who was worried that a state bill would threaten his ownership of firearms that perhaps the state should skip fining him and simply confiscate his...

Internet “yeets” all over Ohio gun manufacturer’s pistol-naming contest

By: NBC4 Staff Posted: Jun 15, 2019 / 07:34 PM EDT / Updated: Jun 15, 2019 / 10:53 PM EDT MANSFIELD, OH (WCMH) — A Mansfield-based gun manufacturer is crowdsourcing the...

Gun Rights Made All the Difference for These Intended Victims

Contrary to the rhetoric of many gun control advocates, the Second Amendment’s protection of the individual right to keep and bear arms is not a malevolent, outdated barricade to peace that must...

Illinois Court gives thumbs-down to town’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

06/14/19 7:30 AM | by Chris EgerA state appellate court this week dismissed an attempt by the Village of Deerfield to keep their controversial local prohibition on what officials described as “assault...

New FL law allows paramedics to carry guns starting July 1

On July 1, a new Florida law will make it legal for paramedics and physicians involved in SWAT operations to carry a weapon when they are responding to volatile and high-risk calls. On...
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