Anti-Mask Protest Outside California Chicken and Waffles Restaurant Turns Violent


Apparently, that chicken comes with a side of whoop-ass. Yes, a private business has the option of setting up its own rules, but there will be opposition, and that opposition will tear down your business’s reputation in order to defy the status quo. 

An anti-mask protest outside of a popular chicken and waffles restaurant in southern California turned violent over the weekend as the debate over mask mandates continue.

Video posted to social media showed a man being dragged out of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Anaheim by security guards while a woman can be heard shouting “brutality.”

“Let go of him,” another person can be heard yelling.

Officers responded to the scene following reports that someone had been pepper sprayed, but no one was injured or arrested in the protest, KCAL-TV, a Los Angeles television news station, reported.



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