Two pounds of cocaine, guns and toddler found in Manchester house

There is no such thing as high capacity ammo only high capacity magazines. The media keeps embarrassing themselves with articles like this. Despite the effort to make this story look like another cause for gun laws, it looks more like a story about how criminals with a complete disregard for laws coincidentally don’t care about laws on guns.

Police said they found a toddler amongst guns and illegal drugs this week in a house next to I-84 and the mall in Manchester.

They found about two pounds of cocaine, five guns, high-capacity ammunition and $12,000, they said. Police arrested Josiah Cadette, 28, of 180 John Olds Drive, the target of the lengthy investigation, and Nysha M. Sanchez, 26.

According to police, the drug bust took place Tuesday in two towns. First, narcotics officers from a regional task force served four warrants for Cadette’s arrest on charges of crack cocaine sales in Vernon. Then they searched his house on John Olds Drive in Manchester.

At the house, they found his girlfriend, Sanchez, and the 3-year-old. Drugs and guns were discovered “scattered in various areas of the residence with no regard for the presence or safety of the toddler,” Manchester Sgt. Shawn Krom said.

He said there was nearly a kilogram, or 2.2 pounds of cocaine, in the house, with a street value of $50,000. They also found the five handguns and multiple high-capacity magazines — including one that could hold about 50 rounds.

Cadette ‘s charges from the Vernon arrest were possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance. Additional charges stemming from the Manchester search are pending, police said.

She also was charged with possession of high-capacity magazine; criminally-negligent storage of a firearm and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

A regional team of drug investigators, East Central Narcotics, conducted the investigation with help from local and federal law enforcement. The task force works to stop illegal drug sales in Manchester, Vernon, South Windsor and Glastonbury.

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