Wisconsin Incident Proves Difficulties of Gun Control

It seems there was an incident recently in Madison, Wisconsin. A 20-year-old man was shot at an event. Regardless of what the event was, guns were not allowed. And yet, there was still a shooting.

Police have not arrested a shooter or identified a suspect after a 20-year-old man was shot at Shake the Lake following the fireworks display on Saturday.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway held a news conference Monday to talk about the police response to the shooting, the ongoing investigation and how the shooting could affect the way events are run in Madison in the future. “Let us be clear, weapons were not allowed at this event,” Rhodes-Conway said at the news conference. “But as the chief said, that’s very hard to control in an open environment like this.” Officials are not identifying the victim, who was released from the hospital Monday. Koval said the shooting is not considered random and the victim and the shooter knew each other. Police have recovered the gun involved.

The event in question is an outdoor event that had a large police presence. It’s the kind of thing you were never going to be able to keep guns out of, even if they were disallowed.

What she fails to note, however, is how more gun control would have benefitted anyone. Guns were already disallowed at the event. That didn’t work, either. What more was to be done?

Then again, that’s not how gun control works. No matter how many rules bad guys break to commit violence, it’s always a justification for still more gun control. Its failures are never its fault, merely the reason we need more of it.
If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, then how can gun control be considered to be anything but insanity? The idea is baffling.

What transpired at this event is not even remotely unusual, but it’s not the fault of guns or gun owners. It’s the fault of the violent people who are going to be violent regardless of the law. If that’s going to happen, why does anyone with a semi-functioning brain think that gun control laws will somehow change that fact, especially since local gun control laws will only apply within that city?

Any effectiveness they have–and I’m inclined to say they’ll have none–ends at the city limits. One step beyond that, everything changes. That means those inhibited within the city can drive a bit and do as they will, then bring it back into the city, which will cause yet another law that will be ignored.

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