Arizona police officers getting cameras on their guns

Police in the northern Arizona city already had body cameras but the Arizona Daily Sun reports that police Lt. Darrell Hixson said the department decided to add the gun-mounted cameras to ensure that the critical moments of a drawn firearm or shooting would be recorded.

Hixson says the technology will help “stand up and own it” if mistakes are made but also provide evidence if mistakes aren’t made.

According to the Sun, the gun-mounted cameras produced by Veridian Weapon Technology cost $500 apiece and include a flashlight and microphone also mounted on the rail under gun’s muzzle

The systems use magnets in holsters to turn on cameras drawn from holsters, and turns off cameras when holstered.

They will give a second, clearer recording of any incident along with body cameras already worn by officers.

Lieutenant Darrell Hixson says the new cameras will help determine what happens any time an officer draws their weapon, regardless of whether or not they fire it. “So either way, we’re going to record what that weapon is doing, and that’s what we should know. What that weapon is doing. And who’s operating it and why.”

 The gun cameras begin recording audio and video automatically if the weapon is drawn. They cost $500 apiece, and all 12 uniformed officers in Williams will have one attached to their sidearm.  Hixson says they have yet to determine if the cameras will work for plain-clothes officers such as detectives, who often carry concealed weapons. 

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